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DT90 Testimonials

Get To Know Some Of Our Players and Their Journey With DT90!


I have had the opportunity throughout my hockey lifetime to experience a lot of summer skills. I have been and done the large group big club skills and they never focused on just me. I feel like this summer not only my stride has changed but my perspective has changed on crossovers and skating. The time is takes me to do a full circle has decreased dramatically. I love how Coach Ray Jr. took videos because it really showed me how I used to be doing the crossovers to how I am now. I also can stay so much lower then I used to be able to for longer periods of time. I recommend DT90 to anyone who just needs that little extra help to get to the next level of skating and speed. 


-Aly Roark, Boston Shamrocks U16 Tier 1

DT90 is a great program / Camp put on by Coach Ray Jacques Jr. I found that it really helped me a lot in getting my body down to lower posture and positioning, as well as helping me to get faster. If I didn’t understand something, they would explain it and show me how to do it, and they would take their time and help me fix what I was struggling with. They had a coach named Curtis Brackenbury, a former NHL player, who taught me a lot about getting lower to the ice, and how to execute better crossovers on big and small turns alike.  He also taught me, as well as the other players, how to correct my technique on my stride.  All of the coaches at Down to 90 were very friendly and helpful, and I would recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to get to the next level.

-Cheyenne Deeney, Boston Shamrocks U14


Down to 90 Skating program is like none other I have been apart of. It offers one on one opportunity with the coaches. Here at DT90 we work with the coaches on ice and off the ice to try and perfect the stride. The coaches also provide video sessions to show progress. From the past two years I have been apart of this comprehensive program, I have felt like my skating has improved tremendously. I am getting much lower and feel more explosive. When I am at DT90 I am learning to better my stride but it is also a fun time. Everyone is so energetic and excited to get better. I would recommend being apart of the DT90 family because it has really improved the way that I skate!!
-Emma Peterson, Boston Shamrocks U19 Tier 1

 With the DT90 program my skating has improved tremendously! Coach Ray was able to identify and explain what I was struggling with. His approach made it easy to start making the necessary corrections on the ice. The knowledge and practice I gained this summer has taught me how to generate speed as well as conserve energy at the appropriate times by properly adjusting my skating technique and form. Through off ice training, I have also gained strength in my legs that has allowed me to sit down lower when I am skating for longer periods of time. The atmosphere of this program is super positive and encouraging. Personally, I feel that Coach Ray and Coach Jessie made me feel like part of their family, focusing on me not only as a player but also as an individual. DT90 was fun and incredibly rewarding, a program that I believe every skater can benefit from.

-Brighton McMahon, Boston Shamrocks U16 Tier 1


Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to be a part of many high level skill sessions. What really sets Down to 90 apart from others is the knowledge and the commitment of the director, Ray Jacques Jr. Coach Ray puts the participants of Down to 90 above everything to ensure you see the results in your stride. He does this by taking the time to make sure you truly understand the proper form. He has stayed late at the rink with me countless times to help me improve where I am struggling. He films every drill and we go over it together to see what needs improvement. All of these things have helped my stride to become significantly better  and has allowed me to be a faster skater.  All of these factors have helped me become a better hockey player, and that is all thanks to Down to 90.

-Natalie Duncan, Boston Shamrocks U16 Tier 1

Down to 90 has been the best skating program  for me. I have seen such a difference in the technique and speed of my stride. I noticed that I am now faster and am having an easier time moving around the ice. The commitment of coach Ray Jacques Jr is one of the best things about the program. He only wants you to get better and is a great coach. I have learned a lot from him on and off the ice. Thanks to Down to 90 skating, I am having more confidence with skating which has led me to have overall more confidence in hockey.
-Macy Savage, Boston Shamrocks U16 Tier 1


The DT90 skating program, run by my coach Ray Jr, has helped my skating in many ways. The techniques I learn from this program help me to remember the type of skating stride I need to help me be a more efficient skater. Before I came to DT90, I skated like I was on a scooter kicking my feet straight back behind me. Doing this made me lose power and made me more tired even if I was doing a light skate. I learned the knee to calf way of skating by example and doing DC1’s and DC2’s. When I am skating I remember to stride out to the side and bring my foot behind me bringing my knee to my calf and back down again. This way gave my strides more power while using less effort. Doing this program I noticed my strides getting smoother but the improvement I noticed most was in my crossovers. A big emphasis at DT90 is that falling is okay because you have to test your limits to see what you can and can't do. Ray Jr. taught us the goldilocks method of taking turns too hard or taking them too easy. You have to take your turns just right and take your time to figure out your limits. However, skating is not the only part of DT90. We also focus on off ice workouts, mental health, and confidence. Before every practice, you write in a journal about what you want to work on in practice, what you think you did good at in practice the day prior, and anything extra you want to add. Writing in this journal lets you visualize your goals and help you debrief your practices. We also do off ice workouts that help you see your strides and crossovers off the ice so you can see the footwork. My favorite off ice workout was turning cables because you could feel the push from your back leg and could see where your other foot had to go. DT90 is a program full of support from my coaches Ray jr, and Curtis Brackenburry. This program didn't just help me with my skating but it also helped me with the mental part of my game.

-Casey Kelley, Boston Shamrocks U19 Tier 1

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