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Summer Training program

Everything You Need to Get Down To 90


On Ice Sessions

Join us on the ice with Director Raymond Jacques Jr and learn the fundamentals behind getting down to 90.  Our on Ice Program is a unique experience that engages our athletes in drills that focus on the skating stride, push direction, and weight transfer.  Through these aspects, our players will Gain a competitive edge in different areas of the game.

Off Ice Workouts

Our off ice workout program goes hand in hand with our on ice sessions, and focuses on the aspects of getting low for longer periods of time.  These exercises are designed to get our athletes out of their comfort zone, and really focuses on the technique of the skating stride.


Video Breakdown and Analysis

Video Breakdown and Analysis is a crucial part of the Down To 90 Process.  During our sessions we will be taking some video of our athletes doing the drills, and record that process through the summer.  Every other week, as a group we will go over video that was taken to show what athletes are struggling with, but also how they are improving.  Video never lies, which is why this is such a helpful tool to our athletes.

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